Trees bring numerous benefits for our towns, cities and villages. They benefit communities by improving the quality of air by reducing the impact of stormwater, offering shade and improving aesthetics, while also offering habitat to wildlife and increasing the value of property. These are just some of the ways that trees can improve the quality of our living. Check out these resources to discover how trees impact our lives on a variety of levels as individuals, in communities as well as  a whole state.


Present your case for trees and discover how they can improve public health, health of people, security, air quality and many more.

Provides educational brochures to assist tree owners learn about the how to best manage their trees and increase awareness of the advantages trees bring to our communities.

Describes the benefits trees can provide from a ecological, social as well as economic aspects.

Explore more than 40 years of studies on the ways that parks, trees gardens, gardens and natural habitats improve living quality in towns and cities.


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