Signs you need to cut down your trees


The first signs you need to cut down your trees is when you notice the needles falling. This is common in the spring, when new growth is starting to burst out. If you live in an area where the trees that are most susceptible to needles are in a moist part of the country, this can be a problem year-round. When you have a weak tree it could fall and leave deadly needles. You can often find them around tree pruning scars, so check your soil often to make sure it isn’t already contaminated.

Sudden die-off may also be a sign you need to cut down your trees if the foliage is turning brown. This is very rare, but it does happen and it means the foliage is cutting off before it can produce new leaves. There may also be green stems and needles which have started to die-off but are not ready for the tree to die yet. It is best to wait a couple of months before trying to cut them back.

Another problem you’ll come across when you’re trying to maintain your trees is splintering. This is most likely to happen with trees that are older and are in a stage where the roots are breaking and the whole tree is fraying. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful tree you’ve worked on at its best fall to the ground because it has no strong roots holding it up. Even some homeowners who do prune their trees will eventually experience this problem. It’s important to note that if you notice any splinters in your trees, you need to get them repaired as soon as possible

When you consider how much money you’ll save by using a tree service, it’s also smart to use these signs you need to cut down your trees to keep people away. One of the worst things for your trees is to leave them unattended. If you have a lot of visitors at your house, for example, you’ll want to discourage them from coming into your yard while your trees are being cut down. Leaving signs up such as these can help prevent this.

The last of the signs you need to cut down your trees is the one that lets you know the branch is dangerous. If you have a ladder to access your trees, or you’re just comfortable with getting up there, you may want to consider taking down the branch. Even if you know it shouldn’t be done, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. A tree service can inspect the situation and tell you whether you have a problem with your trees, and what they plan on doing.

No matter which of the signs you need to cut down your trees, it’s always smart to find a tree service first. While some homeowners don’t think they need a tree service, the services are much better than they think. When you have a serious issue with a tree, it can be dangerous to try to fix it on your own. A tree service can come in and safely remove the branches and make the area safe again for everyone.

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