A frequently asked concerns people face during the summer months is “How do I care for my tree?” While every tree will have its own needs (e.g. species, location, soil type, etc. ) The following are general guidelines for keeping your trees healthy throughout summer.

Do I Have to Drink Water Right Now?

There’s an easy method you can use to determine if the tree requires water. With a long screwdriver and at least six inches of blade, you can probe the ground at various points below the dripline (the most distant edge of the canopy of the tree). If you’re having difficulty reaching a six- to eight-inch depth, and natural rain isn’t in the forecast, then start a routine of watering. After you’ve watered, take this test to gauge what you’ve accomplished.

Bucket Test Bucket Test

In general, a garden hose that is running at a moderate speed will release 5-10 gallons of water every minute. This is a crucial thing to be aware of about your hose , therefore, try it. With a bucket that holds five gallons and measure the amount of time it takes for your hose to fill it. Knowing the flow rate of your hose can help you make educated choices about the length of time you water your trees. The general principle is to provide the tree with about 10 gallons per inch of the diameter of the trunk.

Young Trees

New trees, or ones established in the past two years, with trunks smaller than one centimeter in size, must be watered more often as compared to older ones. Try to water the tree two to three times a week. If you’re using the garden hose, you should give the tree a good watering for around one minute to guarantee the tree gets a good soak. Be sure to maintain the flow of water at a moderate rate.

Another option is to utilize the low-release bag to water your trees. This kind of system can help you save time watering your trees multiple times per week. It’s really a big savings when you’re managing several trees!

Trees that are older Trees

Established trees, also known as those with that are older than two years typically don’t have to be watered often. It is recommended to water them once per week or once every two weeks in accordance with how well the soil holds water. When it is dry the trees need regular soakings to keep them well-nourished.

The most common mistake made by established trees is giving them small doses of water that are concentrated at the root and the top. Make sure to avoid this by using an aerator hose that is positioned in a spiral design that extends beyond the tree’s drip line. An extended period (four days or longer) with a soaker hose is sufficient to supply water to every root of your tree.

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